7 Top Supplements for Strong and Powerful Women

by James Doss

7 Top Supplements for Strong and Powerful Women 7 Top Supplements for Strong and Powerful Women

7 Top Supplements for Strong and Powerful Women : Are you a woman who’s serious about your health? From osteoporosis to iron-deficiency anemia, there’s a lot to keeping your body fit and running smoothly.

With the right knowledge and top supplements, women can be fitter, healthier, and happier than ever before. Keep reading for information about the top supplements for women.

  1. Probiotics

    Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of exciting research in the field of probiotics and gut health. Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in your gut.

    Probiotics aid the good bacteria and support everything from immune system function to healthy skin. They aid in cancer prevention. A healthy diet with live-culture-containing yogurt is one way to increase your probiotics.

    You can also take a daily probiotic to ensure you’re getting enough good bacteria. Look for probiotic capsules with an enteric coating so the cultures reach your gut.

    Make sure there’s a high colony-forming unit (CFU) count of at least one billion. There should be several Lactobacillus strains as well. Bifidobacterium strains are also important as well as prebiotics.

  2. Calcium with Magnesium and D3

    Calcium is essential for women to avoid osteoporosis, especially after menopause. About one percent of a woman’s body weight is calcium so it’s a crucial mineral for healthy bones and teeth.

    Calcium also aids in blood clotting, normal cell function, and healthy muscle and heart action. Teens and young women need calcium because the majority of bone mass develops by age 18. After 30, women begin to lose bone mass and the bones weaken.

    Women body builders are a step ahead of their non-weight-lifting sisters because weight-bearing exercise builds strong bones. If you’re not allergic to dairy, eat cheese and yogurt and other calcium-rich foods.

    Women 50 and younger should take a daily calcium supplement of 500 mg. Look for calcium with magnesium and vitamin D. The combination prevents arteries from clogging by pulling it out of the soft tissue and into the bones where it belongs.

  3. HGH and Deer Antler Velvet

    HGH helps optimize your digestive system which is important to your overall health. When your gut microbiome is healthy, it fires up your metabolism converting food into energy more efficiently.

    HGH is also a testosterone booster so it helps you build muscle which burns fat faster than regular cells. HGH aids athletic performance so you’ll get more out of your workouts.

    Women shouldn’t worry about building too much muscle if they’re lifting weights. It’s almost impossible for a woman to bulk up unless she’s taking steroids, which no one should do.

    HGH works synergistically with deer antler velvet to improve blood flow, reduce anxiety, and aid your digestive system. Read this article for more information about HGH and deer antler velvet.

  4. Fish Oil

    Powerful women know that fish is part of the diet of champions. The best fish, such as salmon, contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, not everyone loves eating fish and some people are allergic.

    If you don’t like fish or you’re not eating enough, fish oil is an important supplement. Fish oil reduces circulating triglycerides and reduces your risk of heart disease. Take one gram of EPA and DHA daily.

    Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in the body while supporting healthy joints and optimizing brain functions. Fish oil also helps reduce depression.

    If you’re pregnant, talk to your doctor before taking fish oil or any other supplements.

  5. Folate

    When you’re getting enough folate, you look healthier because our cells use it to make DNA. Without folate and DNA, cells don’t function properly.

    Folate is crucial for pregnant women or any woman thinking about pregnancy. Folate prevents neural tube defects in the growing fetus, such as spina bifida.

    Folate also helps support normal homocysteine levels. High homocysteine levels may be a heart risk factor.  Folate helps build all new cells and tissues, such as hair and skin.

    A daily multivitamin for women with 40 micrograms of folate is a good place to start. If you’re pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, talk to your obstetrician about folate.

  6. B Vitamins

    B vitamins give powerful women their energy. B vitamins are water-soluble and are in many healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

    Every day life places a lot of demands on women. Vitamins B12 and B6 reduce the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, and blood clots.

    Biotin (also a B vitamin) helps keep hair, nails, and skin healthy. If you’re over 50, a vitamin B12 supplement is especially important because aging makes it harder to absorb this nutrient from food.

    Look for a multivitamin supplement that includes 50% to 100% of your daily value of B vitamins.

  7. Coenzyme Q10

    Even the most powerful women want to age gracefully. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is fat-soluble and found in meats and fish. CoQ10 is an antioxidant that fuels energy within your cells.

    This is a vital nutrient protecting against premature aging. It also supports your heart and blood vessels.

    It’s especially important for women at risk of developing cancer and heart disease. Talk to your doctor about your genetic or environmental risk for these diseases.

    Are you a strict vegetarian? You need a CoQ10 supplement since the best sources are meat and fish. Take between 30-100 mg daily.

    Take CoQ10 with food to help with absorption.

The Top Supplements for Powerful Women

These seven supplements are some of the top supplements for women. Keep your body in top shape by eating right, getting daily exercise, and including the top supplements for women in your diet.

Your body will thank you!

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