Allergies and Sinus Infection Symptoms: Telling Which is Which

by James Doss

Allergies and Sinus Infection Symptoms: Telling Which is Which Allergies and Sinus Infection Symptoms: Telling Which is Which

Allergies and Sinus Infection Symptoms: There’s a good reason it can be difficult to tell if you’re dealing with the discomfort of an allergic reaction, or you’re dealing with some sort of sinus infection. The proper term for sinus infection is “rhinosinusitis”. This term is often shortened simply to “sinusitis”, and it refers to inflammation of the sinuses owing to infection.

This commonly happens when you come down with some sort of head cold, and it sticks around long enough for microorganisms to start multiplying within your sinus pockets. That bacteria initiates an immune system response, and macrophages (white blood cells) are sent like soldiers to the front lines so they can fight off the invading bacteria.


The thing is, so many little white soldiers result in high levels of phlegm within sinuses, and that means drainage. Sinus infections put pressure on your head, and it can give you headaches, make your cheeks and forehead hurt, and even push on your teeth—at least, that’s how it feels.

Sinus infections may last for a few weeks, and one way to know if you’ve got one is if your phlegm starts turning a variety of colors. Deep green is usually the sign of an infection—but not always, which is one of many reasons you may well want to consult the services of a trusted rhinosinusitis doctor in your area.

Allergies Feel Similar To Sinusitis

In contrast, a lot of allergic reactions feel quite similar. There will be pressure on the head, there will be mucus drainage, there could be headaches related to sinuses, and you’re going to feel a little ill. The big difference is in degree. Sinus issues pertaining to allergies will almost always include transparent or clear mucus.

Also, many allergies tend to develop in a seasonal setting. You’ll never get allergies in a sterile industrial room; not unless you’re allergic to carbon fiber or something. You will get allergies when certain plants start to bloom, or there’s certain animals shedding dander. Something else to consider is how you feel.

Sinus Infections Follow Illnesses

Sinusitis tends to trail illness. Illness will make you feel weak; it will give you aches, pains, chills, and that particular feeling which makes it hard for you to focus. Allergies are uncomfortable and inconvenient, but seldom do they come in accompaniment to some sort of weak feeling.

Usually you’ve got some sneezes, a runny nose, puffy eyes, and the like. But not the sort of aches, pains, and weakness that accompanies influenza, common colds, the flu, or similar conditions.

That said, allergies are a sort of immune system response. This means there can be times where severe enough allergies do impart a weak feeling, or result in substantially debilitating inflammation. Anaphylactic shock can be fatal if it isn’t properly handled, and some people don’t even realize they’re at risk until they’re in the midst of an episode.

Monitor Environmental Stimuli, Seek Professional Opinions

There is also something to be said for environmental stimuli resulting in immune system responses.

Some people have no allergies their entire lives, then suddenly some sort of substance or other initiates the development of allergic reactions. You might have grown up without ever experiencing hay fever. Then you move to Iowa and sneeze every time May comes around.

This sort of thing happens to a lot of people, so don’t feel bad. But if you’ve never had an allergic reaction before, and suddenly you start getting puffy eyes and a runny nose, it can be quite confusing. You might think you’re ill when you’re not. Checking with sinus doctors can help you know.

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