Benefit from Foods that Speed Up Your Metabolism

by Lillian Whitaker

It's no surprise that fast-food is associated with poor health. Unfortunately, most people don't know the difference between a good and bad food when it comes to their metabolism. The next time you're thinking about ordering something from McDonalds or KFC order some salad instead! You'll thank yourself later because of all those extra nutrients your body needs for optimal performance as well as increased energy levels in general which leads to more productivity at work/school etc...


You know that feeling when you're trying to get your metabolism going and it's just not happening? Turns out there are certain foods which can help with this. With these in the diet, weight loss will be a breeze!


Exercise boosts your metabolism and will help you lose weight. This is because exercise increases the number of active muscle in your body, which also helps increase how quickly food turns to energy for use by cells, rather than being stored as fat. The best thing about increasing one's metabolic rate through dieting or exercising is that it can be maintained once achieved; this means a faster-working "engine" throughout everyday life without having to resort back into unhealthy eating habits like starvation diets just get rid of extra pounds fast (which are bad). About all there really needs doing from then on out is maintaining an average caloric intake while keeping up with either running/jumping jacks or some other form of fitness activity at least three times per week so continue revving


If you skip meals, your metabolism-speeding efforts might be for nothing.  Don't let the fire go out! Give it what it needs to run and thrive by eating breakfast so that when hunger hits later in the day, there's more fuel ready to burn through. Make sure you eat regular meals throughout the course of each day too so that every time a hungry feeling strikes they have something available (and yummy!) waiting on them at home or work break room - even if all other foods are gone from their kitchen pantry shelfs during these rough economic times and food prices aren't getting any cheaper either...


Cold-water fish:  Salmon, tuna and sardines are some good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for overall health.  And eating these types of fish can lower the level of the hormone leptin in your body.  Studies have shown that lower levels of this hormone make it easier to lose weight, and keep it off.  For those who just don't like fish, there's always the option of  taking supplements.  Fish oil supplements have been shown as having a similar effect as eating fish.


Spices:  Cayenne pepper, and other hot peppers like jalapeÒo contain capsaicin, that gives them their heat.  This makes the foods thermogenic, which means that they speed metabolism after you eat them.   These foods that speed up your metabolism keep it revved for up to 3 hours after you've eaten a spicy meal, so forget about the indigestion and choose something hot.


Whole grains:  Whole grains release slower into the bloodstream than simple sugars, and keep insulin levels lower after you've eaten them.  The more insulin that's released into your bloodstream, the more your body is signaled to store fat.  So keeping your insulin levels low keeps your metabolism humming along faster than if you'd eaten something quickly processed by your body, like simple starches or sugars.  Whole grains are foods that speed up your metabolism because they digest slower.  You also avoid the blood sugar crash that can happen after lots of insulin is released in the bloodstream to process the sugar. This more even level of blood sugar helps keep your metabolism from slowing.


Protein:  Protein is necessary for a good metabolism.  Eggs, lean beef, chicken or fish, beans and peanut butter are great examples of foods that speed up your metabolism with their protein content.