Appropriate Funeral Attire For Women

by James Doss

Appropriate Funeral Attire For Women Appropriate Funeral Attire For Women

Appropriate Funeral Attire For Women : Funeral ceremonies symbolize grief, depression, loss, and pain. Nevertheless, today there are funeral services that help the family to unfold the memories and help in dealing with the pain in a positive way. The funeral services offer various ways to overcome the pain and help in recreating the painful events as memorable occasions.

To make the memorial service a graceful one it is vital to have an appropriate costume. Most women find it extremely difficult and often very confusing about what to wear to a funeral. Choosing the right outfit for the funeral creates a dilemma for most people. Although thinking about what to wear for the funeral services is one of the furthest questions one could have because attending a funeral is emotional. It could be a close relative, friend, family member, neighbor, loved one, mentor, or colleague therefore it would be an overwhelming situation. Yet, you need to decide on wearing something appropriate.

While you are stressed out and grieving you may not have time to think of shopping for a new dress. You certainly cannot wander places to get something mainly for unexpected funerals. The best way to find an appropriate dress is by looking into your wardrobe. Even with the pain and grief, you need to calm down and get ready to share your memories with others.

Here are a few points that could help in making the decision-making process simple and worry-free.


Look for an outfit that is comfortable and that allows you to be worry-free. Because during the funeral service you will meet people so you need to feel comfortable in what you wear. Also if you are going to give a speech in front of people you must especially be comfortable in what you wear. Only then will you be able to express your memories.

Choices for the outfit:

You can choose outfits that are knee-length outfits. Sleeveless, shoulder-length, or long sleeves are good but not spaghetti straps. You can pair a turtleneck with black trousers, a round neck short-sleeved t-shirt with a long skirt, and a maxi dress is also a good choice as long as it is in a single color. Additionally, you can always have a jacket for a coat with you with some tissues in the pocket.


Just like the dress, even the footwear must be comfortable. If you are comfortable with pointed-toe heels you can go with them, flats or strappy sandals are also smart footwear. You need to keep in mind that the service may require a lot of standing and moving around so you need to keep yourself comfortable.


Although this could sound more like party planning, today funeral services have become more organized. Sometimes there are themes for memorial services for costumes. So see if there is any request for a certain costume it becomes easier to get ready or you can go with hats and headbands for the traditional funerals. If you want to wear jewelry, pearls are the best option or even silver earrings or chains are good but nothing too flashy. You must keep the accessories as minimal as possible. A pair of sunglasses is also a must and they complete the outfit. Again you don’t have to wear something grand and flamboyant but something modest. Sunglasses also help you to avoid undue attention in case you can’t control your emotions.


While it is inevitable to go without a handbag you can’t take big tote bags to the funeral service. You can opt for a clutch or a small purse with minimal or neutral colors.

What to avoid:

You must avoid wearing any bright, flashy, multi-colored, or loud printed garments unless the theme says so. Also, you need to wear clothes to pay your respects and not wear too casual attire like torn jeans or sheer tops.

In a nutshell, funeral attire must be respectful and modest. You can alleviate the stress of the daunting day with simple things that are comfortable and timeless.

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