Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

by Carla Henderson

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain This is the time of year when we all want to look our best. The food can be tempting and there are so many delicious dishes around that it's hard not to indulge a little bit--but don't!  It isn't worth risking your health for just one holiday season, especially because this may be an important event in people's lives like engagements or weddings where you need picture-perfect images on Facebook and Instagram. Here are some tips I've found helpful: Plan ahead by cooking healthy meals at home instead of eating out too often; make sure you're drinking plenty water before meals as well as afterward; avoid alcohol (even if wine has been linked with heart disease prevention); never skip breakfast even though mornings might


This year, I'm not going to let the delicious holiday food and colder weather keep me from working out. You know what they say: No more excuses! Build your routine now so you don't have any regrets later this season when it's time for that family photo with all of those extra pounds on display.

You may not realize it, but workout videos are more fun and exciting than they used to be.


Workout videos are also much less expensive than a gym membership or buying home workout equipment like a treadmill or elliptical trainer.


Working out doesn't have to be a drag. Today's workout videos can show you how the pros train and help keep your home gym fresh with new ideas. You don't need an expensive trainer or even leave your own house - just purchase some of today's most popular fitness DVDs, tape them at home, and get started!


You no longer have to wear those ugly leg warmers from last decade if you want a good work-out video for under $1/day because now thanks to bestselling trainers like Jillian Michaels (of Biggest Loser fame) who offer training programs on DVD; all it takes is sending in five bucks via PayPal per day ($5*4=20).

Some of the newest fitness trends are available on video.



For decades, ballet has been a symbol of beauty and elegance. Today's dancers have the opportunity to make this dance form accessible for all ages thanks to video workouts like New York City Ballet Workout Volume 1: A Fitness Program Designed by Dancers - Perfected for You! Learn what it takes in order to create that lean dancer body at home with exercises created by NYCB stars themselves.


Belly Dancing:

For those looking to slim down their waistline, or just get a good workout without the commitment of going to gym every day; belly dancing is your solution. Videos teach you everything from basic moves all the way through professional techniques and even offer choreographed routines that are great for parties!


Belly dance has been around since Ancient Egypt when it was used as an art form in religious ceremonies. It's not only fun but also very easy on joints with its low-impact movements – making this ancient tradition perfect for everyone who wants fitness at home or in studio class!


Exotic Dancing:


There's a new trend arising in the world of fitness, and it revolves around learning how to shake your groove thang! You can do all this without having to worry about being judged or worrying if you're doing things right. Now you can get those abs going with laughter too because why not?


You read that right--there's a new trend emerging within the realms of physical fitness: dancing lessons from home. It might seem like something just for people who find fun in unique ways but I have some ideas for any sceptic out there as well; first off, while on your own time at home-you won't be subject to anyone else judging what moves are good enough or bad ones so feel free to go wild since no one


Yoga or Pilates:

Don't believe the old adage that yoga is just for adults. Yoga can be an enjoyable and effective way to teach your kids how to relax, too! Find hundreds of videos on YouTube with different styles - from gentle stretching poses like cat-cow or downward facing dog, tai chi/qi gong exercises such as standing toe touches and squats, even some workout routines you might recognize like P90x3's "Core Synergistics" which allows children (or anyone) who are unable to stay in plank position due to back issues a safe alternative version.


If you're looking for a sleek body without all the hours at gym or gruelling workouts followed by sore muscles -- try yoga! You'll find loads of instructional videos



Fitness videos for kids:


Oftentimes kids can be the best motivators. If you put in a Sesame Street dance video and your three year old asks you to dance with Elmo, you can hardly say "no".


Your personal trainer is always there for you, no matter what. And if they're not in the room with you when it's time to do your workout routine, just remember that you have them waiting on standby! If things get a little boring or too easy throughout your fitness journey and need some variety? No problem. You can rotate between two different exercises each day; one will be done while watching videos from Youtube (which we know never gets old) and another non-video exercise activity of your choice like walking/biking to keep everything fresh . The best part about this method is getting so much more bang for our buck by staying active without even noticing how hard work was put into maintaining such an awesome physique!


So, don't sign that costly gym membership agreement just yet. Blow the dust off the exercise videos in your cabinet, get some good walking shoes, or check out the hottest trends at your favourite online store. It's the frugal way to go.