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by James Doss

Benefits Of Strength and Hypertrophy Training Benefits Of Strength and Hypertrophy Training

Benefits Of Strength and Hypertrophy Training : What do stars like The Rock, Henry Cavill and Jennifer Lopez have in common? They all lift weights and like looking ripped. Each in their own way have customized a look that works for them. Most people confuse strength and hypertrophy training because they both look similar and are resistance training programs.

Both training programs involve putting tension on the muscles, but there are many differences between the two.

For example, hypertrophy training involves getting the muscles into a specific size, while strength training is about moving and lifting heavy weights to strengthen the muscles. Also, hypertrophy is a lower intensity workout, while strength training is a higher intensity workout.

Moreover, you can take longer breaks in strength training than in hypertrophy training. You can take a break of two minutes or more before starting a new set to give your muscles time to recover before moving a heavy weight again. Strength training can also be done on any exercise mat. However, you need a weight bench or workout bench for hypertrophy training.

Mentioned above are some key differences between these two training programs so that weightlifters don’t get confused between the two types. Now let’s highlight the benefits that these training programs have for you.

Benefits of Strength and Hypertrophy training programs

The benefits of Hypertrophy programs are fitting equally for men and women. A TOP benefit that attracts women would have to include the increase in Metabolism and a much leaner muscle mass which gives a beautiful cut and healthy look.

For men it could be more about Confidence and self-esteem, Feeling and looking healthier and an overall sense of Power and strength.

Make you feel stronger than ever

Strength training programs are beneficial for both muscles and bones. Building muscle mass improves your strength and makes you strong. You will also be able to lift heavier objects and have more stamina.

Actress, Gal Gadot, in her work out routine for her leading role in Wonder Woman, practiced kung fu, kickboxing, and jiu jitsu to give her the energy and muscle to take on the physicality in her role.

Prevention of Osteoporosis and Arthritis

As mentioned earlier, strength training is suitable for your bones because it increases bone mass and increases bone strength. It can also help prevent osteoporosis and reduce the pain and complications of arthritis.

A barrier to heart disease 

Regular exercising can help you increase your heart rate, which ultimately lowers your risk of heart disease. It also improves your cholesterol levels and helps lower your blood pressure.

Weight loss

There is a misconception that the exercise program will increase your weight. However, in reality, it builds muscle mass in certain areas and helps you lose the excess fat in your body.

Improves mental health

Working out regularly is the best way to kick stress out of you. As your body is constantly working, you will not get restless and tired.

Precautions to take before starting such programs

Now that you know the benefits, you may try, but keep in mind that this workout cannot be done in a home gym. You need to find the best gym/trainer to continue your workout. However, there are some tips you can use to reduce the risk of injury.

Always warm-up and stretch a little before you start your regular workout. Never lift heavy weights directly, but slowly move from a lower to a higher intensity workout. Choose the proper exercise and stop immediately if you feel pain.

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