Success Story Of Rebecca Pickels – Wellness Transformational Coach

by James Doss

Success Story Of Rebecca Pickels - Wellness Transformational Coach Success Story Of Rebecca Pickels - Wellness Transformational Coach

Success Story Of Rebecca Pickels : Wellness warriors are the most renowned name in the wellness industry. They are providing wellness and health services in an innovative manner that helps people feel healthier and stronger. They provide their clients plenty of options when they provide overall well being to them. Make a positive change to the lifestyle they always wish for.

Rebecca Pickels (a transformational coach co-founder of Wellness Warriors Life). She believes that “you are worthy of the life you desire”.

The covid-19 pandemic has almost hugely altered our lives. Every one of us is affected by it in some manner. Almost every one of us has faced new challenges like work from home, loss of education, shelter problems for the poor, mental stresses and so on.

Now a question arises that how women leaders are overcoming these new challenges. I am glad to share the success story of Rebecca Pickels. She is a mother, a Founder of Wellness Warrior Life, an international Trainer and Transformational coach.

Rebecca Pickels is a hard-working and a wonderful woman. She is managing both her family, home, and wellness business at the same time. She works as a transformational coach and encourages women to get rid of an exhausted and robotic life and live a balanced life through mindset, fitness, and nutrition! In one of his interviews in April 2021 in Richmond at by Sunrise News she was noted as an Elite Trainer and Transformation Coach.

Before becoming a wellness transformational coach, she worked in the in healthcare as an OT for over 15 years. She was renowned for her leadership, knowledge, and care for her patients. Her patients always had the greatest success recovering but she knew she had a need to help people outside hospital. 

How Rebecca Pickels tackles her life imbalance and her disease

  In December of 2020 prior to the pandemic her life was turned upside down. Her family was affected by Autoimmune Disease. Hashimoto Hypothyroidism, Celiac’s Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis was the beginning. Not wanting the disease to become who we were, we started looking into natural, diet-controlled ways to make a positive change.  As we thought things could not get any harder, they did. Our youngest daughter was diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS, an autoimmune encephalitis. It was at that moment when we knew we did not just need to make some changes, we needed to develop a new lifestyle.  So, we did! We made the decision to “Rise Up” and take control of our now and of our future.

What does she do to overcome these challenges?

She said I plan for the whole week and do all my work according to the schedule. She plans for all the possible roadblocks and obstacles. She allows herself the ability to make mistakes and learn from them. Her family always motivates her to get up each day and face challenges.

8-week challenge to a New You!

This is an 8 week challenge by Rebecca Pickels to help people improve people’s health and also help them to feel energetic and confident.

Bits of Advice she gave to work from home and full fill the family needs.

  • Always try to be adaptive.
  • Spend time with your family and pre-plan for the usual plans.
  • Be understanding and adaptable to all situations.
  • Take good self-care during hard times. And also give some time to your hobbies.
  • Learn from your experiences and be creative so that you can be able to tackle the hard situations.

“Life lesson quote” from Rebecca Pickels

She observed that “women feel scared of being strong, brave and powerful. She believes that there is nothing ashamed of from being powerful. You just need to have faith”. Emma Watson.

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