That Time of the Month? Try These Practices to Support Your Menstrual Cycle

by Natalie Kiser

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We’ll say it—periods suck. Whether it’s that time of the month for you (or that time is coming up), these yoga practices and meditations are designed specifically with women’s health and your menstrual cycle in mind. No longer menstruating? No problem—these practices provide support to your hormones and internal organs, making them helpful for women of all ages.

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A Meditation for Hormonal Balance

Woman sits on the floor and meditates (Photo: Getty Images)

This meditation from Maria Villella integrates acupressure techniques to provide support to the source points of the reproductive organs in charge of the menstrual cycle—the liver, kidney, spleen, and heart. Source points are the spots where chi (energy) is collected and distributed in the body. Practice now.

A Meditation for Pituitary, Thyroid, and Adrenal Support

Woman sits in her bedroom and meditates (Photo: Getty Images)

Looking for a meditation to support your internal organs? Consider this 10-minute meditation from Maria Villella. Focused on providing strength to the hypothalamic-pituitary axis—and helping you manage your stress levels—you (and your internal organs) will leave this meditation feeling a little better. Practice now.

This 30-Minute Practice Supports Chi Flow

Woman demonstrates Warrior II pose in her home (Photo: Getty Images)

Open your hips and support your reproductive meridians with this 30-minute flow from Maria Villella. This practice helps your heart, liver, kidney, and spleen—organs associated with reproductive health. Full of heart-openers, and restorative and standing poses, this sequence will revitalize your body. Practice now.

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