The Best Exercise DVDs for Weight Loss

by James Doss

Losing weight is tough. It can be even tougher when you're trying to figure out what exercises are best for your goals and body type, but that's where we come in! We've compiled a list of the 20 best exercise DVDs on Amazon so you don't have to do all the research yourself. From low impact workouts like yoga or Zumba classes, full-body cardio with SoulCycle or P90X3 (perfect if these routines sound too intimidating!), there's something here for every level of fitness - no matter how much time you may have available each day. So start streaming today because getting started never felt this good before!


Many Americans have failed to lose weight because they never follow their exercise routines through or don't do enough exercises for the different parts of their body. This means that people need a certain amount of time off from exercising every so often, and it's important not only in losing weight but also maintaining one's health as an adult


Going to the gym is intimidating for many people, especially if they are overweight. They may feel too self-conscious or like their physical appearance might be made fun of by other exercisers in a group setting so instead choose to exercise at home where there's no one else around and it feels more safe. But exercising on your own has risks as well--you can get hurt because you don't have someone spotting you during certain exercises (like free-weights) or another person that would help keep track of how much weight should go up with each set. It also becomes easier to quit mid way through when nobody knows what you're doing, which then leads into feelings of failure after not finishing something important enough


Exercise DVDs may seem like just a way to work out, but they also help you lose weight in the process. They are cheaper and more efficient than traditional exercise routines because of their variety and how they can be used anywhere! There's never been an easier time to get that six-pack; one only needs access to any DVD player or laptop with internet connection for less than $10 per month.


WALK AWAY THE POUNDS: Probably one of the least stressful of the exercise programs is Leslie Sansoneís ìWalk away the poundsî series. Positive and enthusiastic, her exercise DVDs for weight loss promote the idea of gentle ëwalkingí ñ ideal for the beginner or those suffering from joint and back problems. Regular use of this DVD provides a good cardio workout, without the risk of injury or needing to buy lots of equipment.


WEIGHT LOSS CARDIO KICK: for those who want their exercise DVDs for weight loss to be a bit more active, cardio kick exercises are a very popular method of increasing the metabolism; the moves are basic, so no great martial arts knowledge is needed. These DVDs also encourage the use of weights ñ resistance training is necessary for weight loss.


SLIM AND SCUPT PILATES: Pilates is a well-known exercise routine, and followers can practice at home with this DVD, which helps to tone the physique, rather than encouraging strenuous exercise. Exercise DVDs for fitness like this often come with exercise bands, mats, or other equipment.


DANCE WITH LISA: Dancing is another very popular method of losing weight, and there are a range of weight-loss exercise DVDs which promote dancing in various ways: salsa, hip-hop, even ballroom and disco dancing! These DVDs range from gentle movements which anyone can follow to very strenuous work outs that leave you tired; the salsa Dance with Lisa is in the second category, but donít be afraid, there is an instructional video that comes with it. Dancing is a fun way to shed a few extra pounds.


These exercise DVDs for weight loss can all be performed in a few minutes, ideal for the busy person who doesnít want to go to the gym. Many of the exercises are also fun and endorphin boosting: the perfect way to relax after a hard day at work.