The Most Popular Combat Sports For Females In 2022

by James Doss

The Most Popular Combat Sports For Females In 2022 The Most Popular Combat Sports For Females In 2022

The Most Popular Combat Sports For Females In 2022 : Combat sports like judo, boxing and kickboxing are practised and enjoyed by millions worldwide every week. Visit any specialist combat sports gym or a high-end public gym, and you’ll find signs of the fight game and its training methods, from boxing gloves and heavy bags to speed ropes and pads.

Boxing, in particular, has a heavy influence on the ways we train for cardio, strength and endurance. Boxercise and other aerobic exercise classes based on the noble art are present at just about every mainstream gym today.

If you are looking to get into combat sports this year, learning a new skill while picking up some critically important discipline, responsibility, and, of course, self-defence, you may be a little apprehensive as to how to get started. It’s also fair to say that the combat sports arena is a male-dominated business. Boxing has a reputation as a boys-only sport where large men hit the heavy bag, lift weights, spar and go through several rounds of punishing circuits. Many are of the opinion that it’s no place for a lady, but they’d be wrong.

Combat sports like judo, mixed martial arts, boxing, Thai boxing and Brazilian Jiujitsu have come on leaps and bounds over the last few years, both in that, they are accessible to females, and the gender pay gap has been sliced at a professional level. World champion female boxer Katie Taylor, for example, easily holds her own against the males when it comes to wages and sponsorship money.

What is the best combat sport for females to try this year, and what can you expect when walking through the doors of the gym to learn a new discipline and an excellent way to keep fit? Our team of expert sports writers list the three most popular combat sports for females in 2022. You can try one or test all three to see which best suits your fitness goals.


Boxing Boxing

There are a few different types of boxing, so you are likely to find one that appeals to you. Amateur boxing clubs often run classes for those looking to get fit, lose weight and build muscle. In many cases, you can achieve all this without ever getting hit. The boxing fitness classes rely on circuits, bag work, focus pads, jumping rope and the fundamentals of boxing. When attending a boxercise or amateur boxing class focused on fitness, you will learn how to box – punch, guard, parry, block – without having to put those skills into practice.

There has been a rise in the number of females involved in boxing, from amateurs and professionals to judges and referees. If you wanted to get more involved, you could choose to train and spar then, perhaps, compete. If organisation is your strong point, you will find many amateur boxers looking for volunteers to assist in every aspect of running the club.


Brazilian Juitjistu Brazilian Juitjistu

Brazilian Juitjistu is similar to judo in that you use the strength and weight of your opponent against them. When studying BJJ, you will become as comfortable with your back against the mat as you are standing and fighting.

This is a great form of self-defence, especially if you aren’t heavily built and have the traditional look of a fighter. Learn BJJ, and you will be every bit as effective if you ever require your skills in a situation outside of the gym.


Kickboxing Kickboxing

Similar to traditional boxing but with the added advantage of kicking, it’s a full-body workout that will have you shedding those pounds, increasing your cardio to incredible levels and ramping up your confidence levels. Learn to punch, kick and move around the bag. Pick-up defence, attack and how to best move away from conflict.

When learning kickboxing, you will focus on attack and causing an aggressor serious damage. In a matter of seconds, you can hurt an opponent, knock them out or render them unable to attack you. This is done through fast, accurate and confident attacks. Unlike BJJ, where you learn to defend yourself, kickboxing will teach you to hit and not get hit. It’s also a great way to burn off any stress from your day.

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