These Mood-Boosting Adaptogen Drinks Will Take Your Dry January to the Next Level

by Natalie Kiser

January 19, 2022 at 11:49am AM EST

adaptogen drinks

Clevr Blends, Recess, Hiyo; Design: Jennifer Ciminillo.

It seems like every time I open Instagram, I see a new shiny adaptogen-infused product calling my name. But if you’re like me, you actually have no idea what the heck an adaptogen really is, so what’s the 411 on them? In short, adaptogens are herbal supplements that “adapt” to your body’s needs. They’ve been known to help boost your mood, de-stress and combat fatigue, and now, you can drink them in many fancy forms that can level-up your self-care routine in the new year. As of late, I’ve been spotting more and more adaptogen-infused drinks, and I’ve taken quite a few for a road test that have become a staple in my fridge—like the Oprah-loved Clevr Blends superfood lattes.

Marinated cucumbers

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And now that it’s Dry January, it’s the perfect time to test out some new adaptogen drinks to hold you over until February 1st (or beyond) because boring water just isn’t going to cut it. These alcohol-free drinks still feel elevated like your favorite cocktail, but instead of a hangover, you’ll feel rejuvenated and rested the next morning. You might like them so much you might be tempted to say goodbye to booze forever! The ingredients in each vary but you can find beneficial ingredients like ashwagandha, lion’s mane, and L-theanine to name a few. There’s even a mix just for bedtime to help you catch some restful Zzzs.

Adaptogen drinks come in a variety of forms—from powders that you mix in water to hot lattes and sparkling water so you can get your daily water intake. Pretty much whatever beverage you prefer, there’s an adaptogen version of it. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best adaptogen drinks you’ll want to stock up on this January and always so you can feel your best whether you’re trying to mix up your hydration rotation or you want to drink less liquor.

As always, we recommend checking with your doctor before introducing any kind of new supplement to ensure it’ll work with your other medications and supplements.

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Photo : Zolt.

Zolt Superdrink Mix

If you’re looking for a portable adaptogenic drink with the added boost of collagen, look no further than Zolt’s plant-powered superdrink mixes which are also made with antioxidants and terpene botanicals. The variety pack includes 10 sticks of three different flavors geared toward different purposes: Immunity, Balance, and Sleep. 

Photo : Clevr Blends.

Clevr Blends Superlatte

Consider this my love letter to Clevr Blends’ lattes—they are Meghan Markle and Oprah-approved, after all. I personally have the coffee and matcha varieties in my fridge at all times—you simply mix a scoop of the mix into water (make it iced or hot), froth it up, and you’ve got a fancy barista latte at home for a fraction of the cost and with the added benefit of probiotics and other mood-boosting ingredients like Ashwagandha. The SuperCreamer even helps with the caffeine jitters by regulating caffeine release in your body. Genius! 

Photo : Recess.

Recess Mood Drinks

Just as its name suggests, these sparkling water mocktails are the perfect way to get your chill on. The Mood line is made with mood-enhancing magnesium and adaptogens so you can sit back and relax. You can sip on dreamy flavors like Strawberry Rose, Peach Ginger, and Black Cherry. 

Photo : hiyo.


Hiyo’s social tonics, which are made with natural adaptogens, nootropics, and botanicals like ashwagandha (stress-relieving herb), lion’s mane (can support brain’s performance), and l-theanine (can brighten mood), are the perfect alternative to alcohol. Delicious flavors like Watermelon Lime and Blackberry Lemon will give your favorite cocktail a run for its money.

Photo : Free Rain.

Free Rain

Free Rain’s enhanced sparkling waters are targeted toward specific needs or concerns including energy (Siberian ginseng), libido (maca), focus (ashwagandha), and calm (passionflower). No matter which flavor you pick, there’s no caffeine and no added sugars. These adaptogen drinks feature sustainably sourced adaptogens and pack in a bit more flavor than standard sparkling water. 

Photo : Heywell.


If you’re on the sparkling water train and never getting off, well, same. Heywell’s bubbly waters take your favorite hydrating beverage to the next level with organic caffeine, adaptogens, and antioxidants that can help boost energy, immunity, and focus. They’re low sugar and come in tasty flavors like Blackberry Ginger and Strawberry Lemon.