This Meditation Will Infuse More Joy Into Your Life In Just 3 Minutes

by Natalie Kiser

Is your sacral chakra feeling out of alignment? As the foundation of creativity in the body, the second chakra—otherwise known as the svadhistana—is associated with pleasure and joy. When it’s out of balance, you may feel increased sadness, loneliness, or stress, or experience physical symptoms like pelvic pain, lower backache, or reproductive issues. The good news is that this three-minute sacral chakra meditation from Mary Beth LaRue can help bring the svadhistana back into balance.

During this meditation, you’ll focus on the breath and visualization techniques to recenter your mind—and your sacral chakra. You’ll find yourself slowly moving into a more fluid state of being. Following this meditation, you’ll feel calmer, soothed, and ready to reenter the outside world.

0 seconds of 3 minutes, 4 seconds Volume 90%

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