Upgrade Your Updo Game: How to Get the Perfect Ponytail

by James Doss

Upgrade Your Updo Game: How to Get the Perfect Ponytail Upgrade Your Updo Game: How to Get the Perfect Ponytail

Upgrade Your Updo Game: How to Get the Perfect Ponytail : If anyone knows how to fix a sleek ponytail it’s Ariana Grande and her iconic, voluminous pony. It’s become a celebrity in its own right, thanks to its capacity to remain glossy and full for hours on end. While we all wish we had the skills and time to recreate her flawless ponytail on a daily basis, it’s safe to say it’s practically impossible… but you can come close.

Look no further if you want to improve your updo game: Here you’ll find expert tips on how to pull off this legendary ‘do with ease. Check out the steps needed for producing a ponytail worthy of the red carpet (or the office) below.

Step 1: Get Your Hair Supplies Ready

Before you move on to the actual steps for this hairstyle, make sure you have everything needed on hand. For starters, it’s best to get:

  • anti-frizz hair treatment products,
  • hair spray,
  • hair ties and bobby pins,
  • hairbrush and a fine-toothed comb,
  • dry shampoo
  • ponytail wrap and extensions (optional)

And remember, the quality of the supplies you have will determine how long your ponytail stays flawless. That’s why you should carefully choose everything, even inconspicuous things like hair ties. Just to illustrate, while some cheap hair ties can easily break or start to sag, the quality Lady Jayne hair ties will keep your updo up for hours on end.

The Lady Jayne hair ties are made specifically to hold long and thick hair without snagging. They’re made of one continuous braid that’s long-lasting and has just the right amount of stretch. What’s more, they have no metal clasps that can pull on your hair and damage it. You can find them in natural hair colours for a sophisticated look or in pretty pastel hues for making a colourful statement.

Another important thing to pay attention to is the brush and comb you’ll be using. You’ll want to get something that won’t cause your hair to break but will glide through it smoothly to help create a sleek base for the ponytail. There are several Lady Jayne hair brushes that are perfect for styling a ponytail like the Tangle Pro brush with fused tip bristles to smooth out hair effortlessly or the Stratton Easy Flow comb for gently combing hair when wet.

Step 2: Set the Base

Behind every flawless ponytail is a strong base. That’s why you should prep the hair with a good hair treatment that will prevent frizz. Use a few spritzes of product around the entirety of the hair and then using a blow drier blow it backward for a strong and sleek base.

Then, use an edge control of some kind to the entire hairline, paying special attention to the rear, and smooth it in with a little smoothing brush. Apply your chosen product generously to sleep up the hair and to get that mirror-like sheen Ariana Grande is known for. While applying the edge control, tying your hair in a loose high ponytail bun will help set it in the appropriate direction.

If you have curly or wavy hair, it’s best to use a non-water based edge control product so that it doesn’t get back to its natural texture after a while. But if you have straight and thin hair, apply wax or a gel with extreme-hold capabilities. For those of you who have damaged or delicate strands, it’s best to stick to wax-based products and not use gels that can harden.

Step 3: Apply Hairspray

A lot of hairspray is used to create a no-budge pony, as we can all imagine. So, feel free to spritz a considerable amount of super strong-hold spray into the root and body of the hair before flattening it into a high pony position using a smoothing brush.

If the hair at the nape of your neck becomes sagging while sleeking it up, lean your head back and snatch it up by brushing it upward. If there are any flyaway hairs or stubborn bumps, a little extra hairspray will smooth them out. Then, use a little smoothing brush to sleek it back to your head and a hairdryer with a styling nozzle to get it in the appropriate direction.

Step 4: Hold It All Up with a Strong Hair Tie

Now, it’s time to undo the loose ponytail you put up initially using a soft bristle brush. Do a final smoothing out and sleek back everything together to get rid of any bumps. Add some extra product if you think it’s necessary.

Then take the most important element – the hair tie and tie it all up. And remember, your hair tie needs to be stretchy enough so you can have dexterity and durable and strong enough to hold everything up all day. That’s why it’s recommended to go with a quality product like the Lady Jayne hair elastics. If you don’t have a good hair tie, your ponytail will start to sag.

Loop the band at least twice around the base of the ponytail and pull it as tightly as you can. For extra height, add one or more elastics around the base which will give the ponytail an Ariana Grande worthy lift.

Step 5: Add the Finishing Touches

Now is the moment to work on increasing the volume of your ponytail. To do so, you can simply use some dry shampoo or spray some kind of volume product. Then, begin teasing the base of your pony, from the bottom and work your way up. Using a good hairspray, secure each section.

Lock in the hairspray and tease the hair in place by kneading it with a curling iron against the teased and hairsprayed part for added strength. Using a brush, gently go over the top layers of each piece, but don’t use too much force as you don’t want to entirely remove the products and smooth out the ponytail’s volume.

Those with fine or shorter hair can use a ponytail wrap as a quick fix to enhance volume and length. You can always add a few clip-in hair extensions to replenish your hair if you have the length but not the fullness.

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