Whiskey Business Minus The Risky Business

by James Doss

Whiskey Business Minus The Risky Business Whiskey Business Minus The Risky Business

Whiskey Business Minus The Risky Business : You’ll get a whole spectrum of answers if you ask a person what their go-to drink is. Some people may prefer to have the liquor straight up. So, shots of vodka or tequila are probably their top choices. Other people may like a drink as tasty as it is vital. For these types of people, cocktails may be more up their alley. So, gin and tonics, amaretto sours, and long island iced teas may be their preference.

Sometimes people have particular tastes that they prefer not to deviate from. Whereas some people may be willing to experiment and toy around with liquor, others may like to keep things classic.

Not Too Whiskey: Taste Profile and People’s Preferences

A perfect example of one liquor many people don’t like would be whiskey. Some would concoct it with other drinks, like how it is done with cocktails. While cocktails incorporate whiskeys or bourbons into them, some people keep their drink “untainted” by anything else.

This is because whiskey and bourbon have a unique flavour profile that many would love to enjoy on their own.

Like many other liquors, whiskey can be an acquired taste and can only be fully appreciated once you’re accustomed to it. Unfortunately y some would still bar themselves from trying it out.

However, alternatives to your regular whiskey and bourbon exist thanks to developments in food technology. Shops like Boisson happen to have this alternative. Let’s pop the bottle for some fantastic products for your picky taste buds.

The Air of Whiskey

When it comes to whiskey, many people have their own strong opinions on it. Controversial may be the word you do not want to describe it. However, there’s no denying that whiskey is a point of contention for many drinkers. From purists to casual drinkers, people have their preferences when it comes to how they want to have the drink. Whatever the case, several people choose to enjoy the drink their own way.

However, despite the different opinions on this liquor, there may still be one kind of whiskey that most drinkers may agree with. This would be that whiskey with alcohol is the only real whiskey, and anything other than that should have no right to be called whiskey.

Non-Alcoholic Whiskey?

For many people, the phrase “non-alcoholic whiskey” may cause them to spit their drink out. Whiskey is known to be a drink that’s as strong in taste as alcohol content. That’s how it’s been, and that’s how it should be. Of course, people have a point, but that isn’t necessarily the truth.

You could have a long and extensive conversation about what makes a whiskey a whiskey. But how about whiskey-inspired drinks?

However, no matter where your conversation goes, one thing still makes a liquor a whiskey. Whiskey is a product of a fermented mash of grains aged in wooden barrels. Usually, the grains used are barley malt, rye, wheat, and corn. As for the barrels, they’re typically oak. So, if the liquor you’re enjoying was made this way, it’s most likely a whiskey.

With that in mind, the presence or absence of alcohol shouldn’t necessarily dictate whether you’re drinking a whiskey or not. Of course, it’s not your usual whiskey; however, it’s still technically a whiskey. But, you could also just call these non-alcoholic alternatives a “whiskey-inspired” drink.

Why The Non-Alcoholic Route?

At this point, you might be wondering why people would want to drink a non-alcoholic whiskey or bourbon. Well, there are several reasons why. What’s more, these reasons are just as valid as to why you want to enjoy your regular whiskey.

One perfect example of a good reason is that you can’t drink alcohol. Those with allergies to alcohol or someone trying to stave off alcohol are examples of these people. So, instead of giving up whiskey in the first place, they can still enjoy the drink without the alcohol. This makes the drinking experience more inclusive and allows people to still appreciate a good whiskey without any worry.

You don’t also have to be allergic to alcohol to want to enjoy a non-alcoholic whiskey. Another valid reason for wanting to drink this type of whiskey is to help avoid a hangover. If you’ve ever drank a whiskey, you know it’s pretty intense. So, if you have a lot of it, you will feel the aftereffects the morning after. However, if you love whiskey but wish you didn’t get the hangovers, the non-alcoholic alternative may be the better option for you!


While not having any alcohol, non-alcoholic whiskeys are just as good as your regular ones. You get all the flavours you can find in any whiskey–from all the smokiness to the caramel notes. It’s essentially the same thing! The only difference is that the non-alcoholic variation doesn’t have any alcohol!

So this allows the whiskey drinking experience to be more inclusive. People who are allergic to alcohol can enjoy what it feels like to drink a whiskey! Those who want to avoid alcohol to avoid a hangover or any other reason can also enjoy it without worrying! There are several valid reasons to want to enjoy a whiskey without the alcohol, and non-alcoholic whiskey makes it possible to do so!

When it comes to drinks like this, you don’t have to worry about whether it’s an actual whiskey or not. After all, what you’re after here is the experience of drinking it. So, that means getting all the tastes and flavours of any whiskey and appreciating it. It’s your drink, so you enjoy it the way you want. No one else has to tell you otherwise.

Whiskey Business Minus The Risky Business

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