Yoga for Modern City Life: Yoga is now a Lifestyle

by Natalie Kiser

Yoga is now more popular than ever, with many people practicing yoga in order to maintain their health. Yoga practitioners are constantly looking for new ways and techniques that would help them stay healthy, which includes adapting the ancient practice of Hatha yoga into a modern form suitable for those living an urban lifestyle who do not always have time or space to visit a studio where they can take classes.


With so many different forms of exercise available nowadays it may seem easy enough just to go ahead and pick one but you will find out how much better your body feels after trying something like Yin Yoga as opposed to going on yet another run through Central Park (which I love by the way!).


It's no surprise that in today's world, many people are looking for ways to promote wellness and spirituality. The fashion industry is taking notice by introducing new styles of active wear bearing the Sanskrit mantra "om". Designers have also started heading off to India for yoga retreats as a way to stay mindful during these stressful times. Models everywhere have been seen wearing mala beads on their wrists which symbolize mindfulness practices like meditation and prayer while staying fashionable at all time


Courtney Love, one of the first Westerners to learn kundalini yoga in India with Gurmukh Kaur over a decade ago before it became popularized as "yoga," is back at her guru's side.

"Kundalini Yoga has all these different types and levels so you can start out very easy or go really deep into your spiritual self."

At an event held by Ms. Kaur (center) for fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily, Courtney reminisced about when she sat next to John Lennon on his visit to Maharishi Maheshi Yogi nearly 50 years ago “It was like he had something that I couldn't find anywhere else …


Ms. Love is hardly the only celebrity singing the praises of yoga -- or helping to catapult the 5,000-year-old practice onto the cutting edge.


Yoga Zone, a hip New York yoga studio with a half-hour show weekdays on cable's Health Network, has an entire catalog dedicated to the joy of yoga. In addition to the predictable range of videotapes, nonslip mats and meditation cushions, there are multiple pages of clothing and accessories.


Cotton-Lycra hipsters are the definitive Yoga Zone look for practice and beyond. Spaghetti-strap camisoles and halter tops with subtle embroidered logos come in black, slate, garnet, moss green and other quiet but current colors.


Even the jewelry has a fashion angle: Pendant necklaces with the Chinese symbol for clarity or the Sanskrit symbol for om are crafted by the hot fashion duo Me & Ro.