Yoga For The Beginner

by Carla Henderson

Yoga is a form of exercise that has been practiced for centuries across the world. It's traditionally an Eastern practice, but in recent years it has grown to be more popular in Western cultures as well. Yoga offers many benefits including increased flexibility and strength along with reduced stress levels which can lead to mental clarity overall improved health outcomes and healing processes within your body. Classes are typically led by instructors who will teach you how to do different types of yoga postures correctly so they best suit your individual needs while keeping them safe enough for new yogis too! There are also plenty...


Yoga is a free and low-impact activity that can be done anywhere, anytime.


One of the most amazing things about yoga is how it produces great benefits without any costs or requirements! Yoga doesn't require expensive specialized equipment to practice, nor does it need you to find your perfect environment for its success - there are no specific "musts" for practicing yoga.


All this is a direct consequence of the fact that yoga is, more than a practice, a state of mind and a life style. That is why your will, as well as your believes and attitudes towards this philosophical path are all that actually matter. Moreover, a balanced and healthy diet, based on natural food, is a key issue for preparing yourself for your first yoga session. What we eat can strongly affect both our mind and our soul, so it is crucial to mind what we eat.


Even though you do not need a specially designed place for performing your yoga class, make sure, when electing the room where you will be holding the class, to choose a place as far away from distractions - such as radio, street noise, TV - as possible. The place also needs to be clean and quite and, if possible, ventilated. A blanket is the accessory that you absolutely need in order to gain comfort when carrying out the exercises and the meditation, as they are performed in either sitting or lying positions, but, however, a towel or a mat, could work, as well.


Yoga is a spiritual practice that has been around for thousands of years. In order to properly participate in the tradition, it's important to know what kind of clothes are appropriate and how they should be worn. If you're new at this type of thing, there may not seem like much difference between yoga outfits but some people enjoy wearing loose fitting clothing such as sweatpants or pyjamas where others would rather strip down completely bare naked! It doesn't really matter which one you choose so long as your comfortable and respectful; try on different types until something clicks with your body.


As many yogis will tell you, finding the right outfit can make all the difference when practicing yoga - especially if "the session isn't private."


It is also highly recommended to have an empty stomach, before starting your yoga exercises. As a general rule, one or two hours after a main meal is the ideal time for practicing yoga. As breathing is a key element in yoga training, do not forget to also clean your nostrils and your throat.


In case you have not decided which could represent the best moment of the day for carrying out your yoga session, you have to know that both morning and evening practices can result very beneficial to your body and mind. Thus, performing the exercises in the morning can contribute to your good shape for the whole day, as it improves your vitality level. On the other hand, evening yoga practices helps inducing a restful and peaceful sleep.


Your yoga session should not exhaust you. Do not hesitate to take a break, when you feel tired. Actually, short breaks are common, between difficult exercises. Keep in mind that as little as 15 minutes of correct yoga practice can produce marvellous results on your body and mind.


As a final idea, try to remember that the most important thing, when practicing yoga, is your attitude and your desire to discover the incredible sensations and experiences this ancient philosophy can provide.