Yoga on the Net

by Lillian Whitaker

Yoga on the Net is a free Internet yoga site that provides many different types of wellness and exercises for you to choose from. If your goal is weight loss, stress relief or muscle recovery then this website has something for you! Yoga can help with so much more than just physical health; it’s also an important part of maintaining mental well-being. You don't need any other equipment besides what's in most people's homes: a mat and some floor space - but even if all you have are these materials there are plenty of options available to tailor your workout specifically towards either beginners or intermediates at home through videos on their YouTube channel which features specific instructions by type, level (Beginner/Intermediate), duration, size


Did You Know: Yoga can be good exercise if done correctly but improper form may lead to injury so make sure you read up first before starting.


Yoga is an ancient health system with a recent resurgence in popularity. Even celebrities advocate the benefits of yoga, as seen by Gwyneth Paltrow's advocacy for the discipline along with Madonna and Julia Roberts' involvement in it. Yoga has been praised not only because of its mental effects but also how it can improve one's physical fitness through stretching movements that have helped people to become stronger and more flexible over time


It is cool to carry around a little purple mat and tie yourself up in knots in local gyms and draughty church halls. It seems yoga is everywhere, and nowhere is it more omnipresent than on the net.


As a lover of all things yoga, I was excited to find this website filled with info on the different styles and schools. You can read about "hot" topics in yogic philosophy as well. For instance, if you're interested in Sting's views on kundalini specifically then head over to White Lotus for an interview!


You can also access a shop selling books and videos, or click through selection of celebrity interviews.


Share the well-illustrated interview with Sting, in which he expresses regret at not having started yoga earlier. But he adds that, if anything, the exercise seems to be reversing the ageing process.


This view is echoed by fellow megastar Madonna. Indeed, the title song, Ray Of Light, in her best-selling album incorporates a traditional yoga chant.


If you are moved to discover more details, Roots And Wings, a 'yoga, bodywork and natural healing centre' will be happy to provide you with the original Sanskrit text of that chant.


Roots And Wings is largely geared to selling yoga products, but you'll also find articles, discussion groups and a search engine for locating those all important Sanskrit lyrics (just type in Madonna).


Evolution is a spiritual and uplifting site offering free ideas for those looking to be more content in themselves. The website offers everything from recipes, meditation advice, guided meditations and music as well as articles with discussions on how the physical aspects of yoga can help improve mental health.