Fat Loss – So Easy an Idiot can Do It

by Lillian Whitaker

Some people may find losing weight to be difficult, but with the right diet and exercise plan it is possible. I found out about a great program called "Fat Loss: So Easy an Idiot can Do It" by reading some articles in magazines. One of my favorite parts was when they said that if you stick to eating at least 2 tablespoons per day of olive oil then your body will burn fat for energy instead of sugar or carbs which are more common sources of non-sustainable fuel!

I loved this book so much because not only did their tips work for me, but also all types; whether male or female, young or old - anyone can lose those extra pounds following these easy guidelines without any magic pills required!


Are you overweight, overtired, and stressed out about it? Do you spend your evenings running the marathon between your couch and refrigerator, and then wonder why you don’t like what you see in the mirror come morning? It might interest you to know that fat loss is easier than you think – an idiot can do it.  Fat loss is based on one simple principle – a principle that even small children understand.  Eat less – move more.


Step One: Eat Less


The problem with the American diet is that it's packed with fat, sugar, and grease. But sure enough as soon as they get chubby people start to complain about their weight. The truth of the matter is you're only going to end up looking good if your body has quality fuel! For example: If a doctor did a biopsy on all those who are overweight he or she would be able to tell which foods were providing them this "quality" food from just examining what was left over in some belly fats cells - talk about nailing down causality!. The fat you ingest changes that little between your mouth and your middle!  Eat less fat, weigh less. Eat more high quality, low calorie foods like fruits and vegetables, weigh less. You can only burn so many calories per day. Don’t make the mistake of consuming more than you can possibly use.


Step Two: Move More


You should start thinking about getting your heart rate up. There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest way is just running around for half an hour or walking as fast you can without breaking into sweat while doing it. If that’s not possible and time isn't on your side either, all you have to do is take two flights of stairs instead of one when going from floor A down to B in order make yourself break out in a light perspiration!. Park your car in the furthest parking space from the mall. Increase your walking at work by visiting offices instead of relying on phones or email to talk to someone next door. Increase your movement, decrease your waistline – it’s a proven fact.


The way you look at fitness and diet can have a big effect on your life. You might know all about it, but are you really putting that knowledge into action? Or do you spend time reading new articles or looking up recipes instead of actually doing any work? Learning is important in its own right, but if we don’t take the initiative to put our information into practice then what good does it serve anyone? Two simple steps will help make sure this happens—take care of yourself first by nourishing your body with healthy food before tackling tough workouts when necessary; also try setting realistic goals for weight loss so as not set unrealistic expectations. If these two habits become routine over time they may just change how other people see us too