Holistic Alcohol Addiction Recovery: Outpatient vs Inpatient Treatment

by James Doss

Holistic Alcohol Addiction Recovery: Outpatient vs Inpatient Treatment Holistic Alcohol Addiction Recovery: Outpatient vs Inpatient Treatment

Holistic Alcohol Addiction Recovery: Outpatient vs Inpatient Treatment : Over 15 million Americans struggle with alcoholism. Unfortunately, alcoholism is a chronic disease with no known cure and, if left unchecked, can have significant long-term life consequences. However, there are different holistic forms of treatment for alcohol addiction recovery.

Understanding whether outpatient or inpatient treatment is the best for you or your loved one is critical to beginning the journey of sobriety. Here, we will explore some of the key differences between holistic inpatient and outpatient care so that you can make an informed decision about what level of care is necessary.

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment is a three-pronged approach to helping alcoholics and addicts achieve lasting sobriety. By working on the mind, body, and spirit, individuals in holistic treatment programs can begin to address the underlying causes of their addiction. This type of care is unique because it considers the whole person, not just the addiction itself.

Holistic addiction treatment incorporates healing modalities into traditional treatment methods like 12-step programs, individual and group therapy, and medical detoxification. The most common modalities used in holistic addiction treatment include yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Benefits of Inpatient Holistic Addiction Treatment

Inpatient holistic addiction treatment offers several benefits for those just beginning their recovery journey. For example, living in a safe and supportive environment can help individuals feel more comfortable facing their addiction without external pressures. In addition, being immersed in a healing community allows participants to build lasting bonds with others going through similar challenges.

Inpatient holistic addiction treatment often provides tailored care for each individual’s needs. By working with medical professionals, therapists, dieticians, and other caregivers, participants can receive the support they need in a structured environment.

Addiction recovery treatment includes standard medical detoxification followed by a stay at an inpatient facility. During their stay, patients will participate in various therapies and activities designed to help them overcome their addiction. These may include 12-step meetings, individual therapy, group therapy, meditation, yoga, and more.

Benefits of Outpatient Holistic Addiction Treatment

Outpatient holistic addiction treatment offers a less intense level of care than inpatient treatment, but that is not to say that its benefits are less valuable. Outpatient treatment allows participants to continue living at home, going to work or school, and taking care of their other daily responsibilities while receiving the support they need.

Outpatient holistic alcohol addiction recovery treatment usually includes weekly individual and group therapy sessions, 12-step meetings, and other activities as needed. Participants may also have the opportunity to participate in additional therapies such as yoga or meditation.

What to Look For in a Holistic Alcohol Recovery Center

Whether going inpatient or outpatient for holistic practices that drive long-term sobriety, it is essential to do your research and find a reputable treatment center that will fit the needs of the addict or alcoholic.

It is recommended to find a facility that offers a level of amenities and comforts that the patient is accustomed in order to help the patient feel safe and supported during a stay, such as comfortable living quarters, nutritious meals, spa services, and other onsite activities.

The Dunes East Hampton Holistic Alcohol Rehab Center

There are many ways to find the help you need when struggling with addiction, but not all treatment centers are created equal. Reviews of The Dunes East Hampton repeatedly prove that the facility is one of the country’s top holistic alcohol rehab centers.

The Dunes offers a variety of premium amenities and facilities, a professional team of therapists and integrated medicine professionals, and an extensive list of holistic modalities to help achieve lasting sobriety.

A wealth of five-star reviews of The Dunes assert that the secluded 7400 sq. ft. East Hampton’s estate is the perfect place to begin or continue recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

With evidence-based treatment methods and holistic practices, patients are guaranteed the best chance to reach long-term sobriety in a secluded luxury environment that encourages healing, accountability, and self-discovery.

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