How To Prepare Your Body For Breast Augmentation

by James Doss

How To Prepare Your Body For Breast Augmentation How To Prepare Your Body For Breast Augmentation

How To Prepare Your Body For Breast Augmentation : Breast augmentation is an excellent option for women unhappy with their chest size and body shape. However, surgery might be frightening for some people. But anxiety may be reduced significantly by planning early and preparing the body for surgery.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement, is a surgical operation that enlarges or reshapes the breasts. This procedure entails inserting silicone or saline implants behind or beneath your natural breast tissue.

The procedure is performed in either an outpatient surgical facility or a hospital. Moreover, patients are likely to return home the same day after the surgery. This surgery seldom necessitates hospitalization.

Breast enlargement is sometimes performed under local anesthesia while the patient is conscious and the breast region is numbed. However, some procedures are also performed under general anesthesia while the patient is unconscious throughout the procedure.

Preparing your body for surgery

successful breast enlargement procedure successful breast enlargement procedure

Preparation is critical for a successful breast enlargement procedure. Here are a few simple steps to help you have the most comfortable and stress-free breast enlargement experience possible:

  1. Understand the procedure

    The more information you have, the more confident you’ll be about the surgery. Try your best to educate yourself about the procedure, the dangers, and the implant’s durability. Moreover, you must know that there are different techniques in placing an implant.

    The most often used approach involves the surgeon making an incision underneath the breast fold. Through this incision, the surgeon inserts the implant. Another method is to insert the implant through an incision underneath the arm. The surgeon may undertake this procedure with the use of an endoscope. There will be no scarring in the area around your breast with this procedure.

    Moreover, the surgeon may also create an incision around the areola’s perimeter. This is the region surrounding your nipple that’s darker. This hole is then used to insert the implant. However, with this procedure, you may have more significant difficulties nursing.

    With that said, it’s critical to address all of your concerns during your meeting with the surgeon. This way, you’ll better know what to anticipate during the breast augmentation surgery and throughout the recuperation period. You’ll also have a clear idea of how to take care of your body prior to the procedure.

  2. Stop smoking

    Even one cigarette may have a detrimental implication on your recuperation and the overall result of breast augmentation enlargement surgery. This is because cigarettes have nicotine, carbon monoxide, and a variety of other toxic compounds.

    Carbon monoxide blocks the delivery of oxygen to the cells, suffocating healthy and regenerating tissues as your body tries to recuperate after surgery. Moreover, nicotine constricts blood vessels. Therefore, having nicotine in your system impairs your body’s ability to transport blood, oxygen, and nutrition to breast lesions. These impacts delay recovery and increase your risk of infection, wound rupture, and a variety of other issues after surgery.

  3. Stop drinking alcohol

    Any surgical procedure may result in some bleeding. To prevent excessive bleeding, the body reacts by clotting. However, alcohol thins the blood and disrupts this process, increasing the risk of severe bleeding. Thus, it’s recommended that you abstain from alcohol for at least 48 hours before surgery. It would be much great if you could quit a week or two sooner.

    Moreover, take the initiative to discuss alcohol consumption with your physicians prior to the surgery. This critical information will assist them in determining the best course of action to ensure a favorable result for you.

  4. Practice proper fitness

    Adopting healthy exercise routines is critical to your physical health, more so before undergoing surgery. Simple exercise promotes circulation, which helps avoid blood clots, reduces the chance of atrophy, and may even enhance your mood.

    If your surgeon approves, develop your stamina before your surgery by walking for 20 to 30 minutes at a comfortable pace. You may do this every other day or five days a week. Moreover, keep an eye on your progress by using a pedometer to track how far you walk each day.

  5. Ensure good nutrition

    A proper diet is critical for maintaining a healthy life, but when undergoing a procedure such as breast augmentation, you need to keep an eye on the food you consume. A nutritious, balanced diet is critical for conditioning your body for surgical procedures and aids in healing.

  6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

    Maintain a healthy and clean lifestyle in the weeks before surgery. Use proper hand-washing techniques and avoid those who are sick. Moreover, your procedure may be postponed if you have a prolonged cold, virus, or other ailments. Thus, ensure that you treat any sickness promptly. Furthermore, notify your surgeon of any illness or difference in your health.


The breast enlargement procedure may be intimidating, but if you’ve done your homework, the experience can be worthwhile in the end. Moreover, you may follow the above-listed recommendations to prepare your body for the breast enlargement procedure.

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