Rose Quartz: Benefits You Didn’t Know

by James Doss

Rose Quartz: Benefits You Didn't Know Rose Quartz: Benefits You Didn't Know

Rose Quartz: Benefits You Didn’t Know : Hyaline quartz and pink quartz were the alternative names that people from distant history used for rose quartz. This crystal has always been around for a long time which dates back to 7000 BC. Its pink hue has always been associated with gentle and calm energy.

Women from early civilizations such as Egyptian and Roman have used this crystal to improve their skin complexion as they used it as facial masks. In this article, we will explore the benefits which you might not know.

Bodily Stabilisation

Aside from its reputation of being called “heart stone,” which is used for heart ailments, rose quartz is a healing stone for kidney diseases and other lung problems. This is because it is associated with repairing the body’s circulatory system. It also aids in reproductive health as it boosts one’s libido and natural lubrication. It is also used by women who have infertility issues.

Mental Health Aide 

As implied in the opening statement, rose quartz represents calmness and gentleness. Thus, this stone is used to help ease depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other stress-related disorders like panic disorder and eating disorders. Its calming effects relax the brain and balance its function. This soothing effect is such a useful benefit for most crystal enthusiasts and is often the reason why rose quartz is always included in crystal healing sets, even for beginners.

Feng Shui Tool 

According to feng shui experts, rose quartz is associated with Relationships (Kun). It is claimed that positioning it in the heart of your home can give out positive love energy. You can also place this crystal in a special corner of your bedroom to attract romantic conviction, especially if you are married. For single people, you can use it as pendant to invite potential love interests.

Correct Body Placement 

There may be people who take it to the extreme of using this as a talisman and would put it inside their body, but this is strongly discouraged. It must be placed over the heart for it to work. Experts on healing crystals say that it can open up the heart chakra. So a safe way to do this is to have it in the form of a necklace.

Crystal combination boosters

Using other crystals can amplify the effects of rose quartz. Take, for example, the crystal citrine, which is famous for attracting money and success. If you combine it with rose quartz, you can encourage success in relationships and business. Malachite and rose quartz combination can give you great comfort during trying times. Combining it with carnelian can boost sexual passion which will be perfect for conception. Many other crystals work well with rose quartz; you just have to make sure that they are complementary with each other.


While there are no known medical claims in using this particular crystal for meditation and healing, you have to be reminded that its claims are mostly anecdotal. For people who are dazzled by the healing and mystic boons of this crystal, always be reminded that belief in the practice is crucial. If its symbolism resonates well with you, then it’s a safe venture to try.

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Rose Quartz: Benefits You Didn’t Know