Tabata Quest: Final Check-In

by Carla Henderson

Tabata-believe it! The Tabata Quest has finally come to a close. This is the final check-in!

Right now, you should have much more endurance and have a handle on Tabata. You might even be feeling all the proven benefits to Tabata — in a 2013 study by  Trusted Source , people who did a 20-minute Tabata workout consistently improved their cardiorespiratory endurance and burned more calories than usual.

Here’s your last check-in with Angela Gargano:

0 seconds of 28 seconds Volume 90%

Want to do it all over again? Or take on an extra challenge with the Badassery Badge? You got this!

Badassery Badge

Think you’re a badass? Want to take it to the next level? Instead of doing just 20 seconds, try 30 or 45 seconds of work while keeping the 10-second break.

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