Where And How To Wear Enamel Pins

by James Doss

Where And How To Wear Enamel Pins Where And How To Wear Enamel Pins

Where And How To Wear Enamel Pins : Enamel pins are a fantastic way of expressing yourself and they can really add a touch of personality to an outfit.

Pin badges have got a retro feel as you’ll most likely associate them with jean jackets and backpacks, but they can actually be worn in a modern way too. If you’re wanting to spruce up your look with something unique, keep reading and discover where and how you can wear enamel pins with style.


The most common place people love to pin an enamel badge is their backpack. You can easily stick lots of enamel pins onto the front and sides of your backpack to really give it a new look. This can work especially well for old backpacks that may look a little worn. You can simply pop enamel pins over the faded patches and breathe a whole new lease of life into it. Similarly, you can add tiny hits of colour to a chic backpack so that your overall look is complete. For example, if you’re wearing all black with red shoes, why not pin a red badge onto your backpack to tie the colour scheme together. Enamel pins can look amazing on backpacks, so be sure to accessorise it with as many pins as possible!

Collars And Lapels

Another popular place to wear enamel pins is on the lapel or collar of a shirt or jacket. This can work well for smart occasions as well as casual ones too. If you’re wearing a suit jacket, a small enamel pin on the lapel can bring some personality to the suit without looking unprofessional. A good enamel pin can even look nice on the edge of the collar of a shirt. These little touches to your outfit can show that you really know how to dress and that you have your own sense of style.

Tote Bags

Tote bags generally have slogans or bright logos on them, so why not add to their displayed message and pin some enamel badges onto them. If you’re passionate about a cause and your tote bag shows this, then try looking for enamel pins that have the same meaning behind them. Tote bags for eco-warriors can look great when they’re decorated with enamel pins that show off their love for the earth. This eye-catching look can take your tote bag from drab to fab in an instant!


One interesting way that you might want to wear enamel pins is on the tongue of your trainer. You want to make sure that your pin has a secure back so it can’t fall off or prick you though. But this kooky placement can actually give you a unique sense of style.


You may not realise it, but hats are actually perfect for enamel pins. Beanies in particular are perfect as they have plenty of soft material for them to be fixed to. Other hats that have a wide brim can also be ideal for these pins too. A lot of hats tend to have a plain design, so they might be a little boring for your taste. However, adding some funky enamel pins can really elevate them and complete your quirky look.


One top choice for enamel pins is denim, especially jackets. Having a denim jacket emblazoned with loads of enamel pins is a style all of its own and it’s never gone out of style. You could have them all across the back, dotted down your sleeves, or even along the edges of your collar. If you don’t want to go full retro and still keep it feeling a little more modern, try popping just one pin on the top breast pocket. This way you can bring a hint of vintage to your jacket without going overboard.


In the winter, you’ll probably be wrapped up warm in your woolly hat and gloves, with your cosy scarf pulled tight. But did you know scarves are a fabulous place to wear enamel pins! You could place them along the edges of the scarf where they’ll be most visible, and there’s no risk of them jabbing your face either. Try incorporating enamel pins into your winter look and you’ll soon see the compliments come rolling in.

Enamel pins are a brilliant way to bring some style to your outfits without having to break the bank on the most expensive accessories. You don’t have to stick to this list either. If there’s somewhere you want to try pinning yours, then by all means go for it! There’s no right or wrong way to wear your enamel pins. The only rule is to have fun with it and enjoy accessorising!

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