Will Removing My Breast Implants Boost My Self-Esteem?

by James Doss

Will Removing My Breast Implants Boost My Self-Esteem? Will Removing My Breast Implants Boost My Self-Esteem?

Will Removing My Breast Implants Boost My Self-Esteem? Breast augmentation is a frequent procedure in cosmetic surgery. Although it’s a popular procedure, there are times when you may require or desire the removal of your implants. If you’re thinking of removing your breast implants, just know that you’re not the only one. The following is a rundown of breast implant removal benefits that might assist you in determining if it’s appropriate for you.

Breast Implant Removal Benefits

Short Recovery Time

If you choose to have your implants removed permanently, you’ll be relieved to learn that the recuperation time is a mere two weeks. Your cosmetic surgeon will inform you of all the activity you shouldn’t be doing during this time. This includes carrying bulky items, driving, and participating in vigorous exercise.

No Further Replacements

Breast implants will indeed deteriorate over the years. Therefore, it is suggested that they are updated every decade. Unfortunately, that is costly since it is not covered by your medical insurance. If your breast implants are removed, however, you will no longer have to worry about replacing them every couple of years. This will save you both time and money.

No More Worries about Implant Leakage

If you have breast implants, you are already aware that they can burst. Excessive heavy force, faulty implants, and aging implants are the most prevalent causes of breast implant rupture. Capsular contracture can also cause rupture of the implants. This can develop if the implant hardens causing scar tissue to form. It is possible for a weak implant to burst if the situation is severe enough.

Breast implants, as mentioned above, are not permanent. The outer portion of its shell will deteriorate over time. However, with breast implant removal in Houston, TX,  you will no longer have to worry about them bursting or the price of maintenance.

Enhance Your Confidence

You shouldn’t be unhappy with your breast implants. If they no longer suit the vision you had in mind, breast implant removal will restore your self-esteem and confidence in your body, just as it did when you first had them done. Following the procedure, you will be able to walk out in public knowing that you are pleasing to the eye.

Eliminates Pain

If you’re thinking about removing your breast implants due to pain, then you aren’t alone in this! Breast augmentation is well-known for eventually causing pain. This is due to the weight of the implants. In fact, larger implants often cause neck, back, and even shoulder pain. Capsular contractures can also cause significant pain as well. You’ll feel a marked lack of pain after you’ve had the breast implant removal procedure and recovered completely. What a relief it is to have that burden lifted from your shoulders!


In most cases, breast implants can make it challenging for mammograms to be performed.  Your mammography results will also be influenced by the kind of implant you have, including saline or silicone.  This is because the implants can be inserted either above or below the pectoral muscle, which will make it almost impossible to see the region above the muscle.

Breast implants also prevent an x-ray from detecting the tissue of the breast. So, you’ll have to visit a gynecologist who can look beyond them. If you get them removed, your mammography findings will be clear. This is crucial if your family is known to have breast cancer.

What Should I Expect During My Initial Consultation?

Expect to talk about the following topics during your consultation:

  • Previous procedures
  • Concerns and expectations
  • Allergies
  • Current and past medications
  • Tobacco, alcohol, and drug use

Your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with the details of the procedure. Before and after photos will also be shown to you. This will give you an idea of the type of outcomes you can expect after the treatment.

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